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Back to Basics: 10 Trends for 2023

The 10 Trends for 2023 do not start with the recovery from the pandemic

Back to Basics: 10 Trends for 2023

Last year, the top trend identified by the editorial advisory board of GGB was the recovery from the pandemic. Yes, following the shutdowns of 2020, 2021 was an improvement, but in 2022 the pandemic was clearly in our rearview mirror. The gaming industry produced record revenues in 2022 as players relieved that pent-up demand that had been building up since the introduction of Covid. So things were good.

Now, 2023 will certainly have its challenges, most notably the soaring inflation and economic malaise that has already begun in the second half of 2022. But the overhang of Covid is gone, at least in most of the world outside of southeast Asia. The Chinese zero-Covid policies are affecting all the jurisdictions that depend on Chinese travelers, so there’s no telling when or if that policy will be relaxed.

But for the rest of us? It’s back to “normal,” or whatever that is in the wake of the pandemic. But possibly because of the clouds that hang over the general economy, the trends for ’23 weren’t that clear. Is sports betting really doing the most it can for the gaming business? If so, what happened in California? Can I bet on the next pitch? How is casino marketing changing now that the next generation is in play? If Macau is hurting, who’s getting that business and why? How is slot theory evolving for new players? Esports betting getting closer? What’s so great about sustainability? And when it comes to new venues, when can we look to Texas? If it’s taken years to get over the hurdles in Japan and Brazil, what makes us think that it will be easier in Europe?

So learn what to look for in 2023, but you’d better look fast. It may not last long.

1. Island Fever
Europe’s first integrated resort will open in 2023 and may spur a quickening of the pace for others

2. The Philippine Casino Gaming Market
An exemplary case of competitive factors driving market recovery and growth in a post-Covid era

3. The Holy Grail
Microbetting will produce more revenue for sportsbooks, but how will it be promoted?

4. Texas Teases
Will the Lone Star State join the gaming community?

5. The Rise of Third-Party Esports Wagering
Nevada and New Jersey are the leaders in developing regulations

6. Hold, Spin, Repeat
Of all the modern slot mechanics that exist, hold-and-re-spin is the one that most closely approaches ubiquity

7. Don’t Mess With the Indians
The defeat of two sports betting measures in California has emphasized a lesson that has been learned multiple times

8. Go Green, Go Local
Casino operators are looking to Eco-friendly design to differentiate themselves

9. The Marketing Horizon
Changes in casino marketing are happening quickly and completely, so be ready to respond

10. Tarnished Gems
Japan and Brazil are still waiting for the casino boom

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