My Macau

The “zero tolerance” Covid policy of mainland China and the crackdown on the VIP sector has had a devastating affect on Macau, changing the gaming market forever.

Published in the December 2022 issue.

The Future Is Now

Predicting the future is no easy task, but if you look close enough you can discover the trends and innovations that will shape the casino industry in the years to come.

Published in the October 2022 issue.

Meet & Greet

The return of meetings, conventions and trade shows for the casino industry is a positive sign. Welcome back ICE, NIGA and G2E, just some of the big events returning this year.

Published in the April 2022 issue.

Welcome to the Show

With major organizations like Disney and the NFL joining the betting market, it's more important than ever to establish a responsible gaming community that aligns business and ethics.

Published in the November 2021 issue.

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