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Versatile Hardware

PRODUCT: Universal Cabinet • MANUFACTURER: Interblock Luxury Gaming Products

Versatile Hardware

Interblock has released the latest in its lineup of innovative hardware, the Universal Cabinet (UC). This breakthrough form factor represents a new and unique segment of electronic table games, designed with players and operators in mind.

The UC provides casino operators with a variety of game options, including craps, roulette, blackjack, baccarat and sic bo, in a solitary environment and in a smaller footprint, configurable in three-, four- or five-seat carousels. For players, the Universal Cabinet provides an intimate ETG experience that flows at the player’s own pace without the intimidation often found at traditional live table games. This technology gives patrons comfort in returning to casinos and operators the ability to improve their bottom line.

With Interblock’s proprietary soft-touch gel buttons, located on both sides of the play station and in the middle of the play station’s techno-gel arm rests, players can initiate the game, allowing them to control the speed of play. The individual play experience of this game removes the waiting time associated with other players making decisions on the same game.

Due to its design, the Universal Cabinet can be assembled and displayed in a straight line, in a round carousel, or back-to-back. Allowing optimal use of any casino space, the multi-cabinet assembly does not take more than 89 inches in length and 78 inches in width. Up to five cabinets can be assembled in the carousel shape, up to six in the back-to-back, and up to three as the single-sided line.

Optionally, an LED Player Information Display (PID) can be added to the multi-cabinet assembly to enhance its already-attractive appearance. A round PID collects information from all connected cabinets and displays it according to the importance of events. The content dynamically changes to attract casino visitors and nearby players. Merchandising content and customized casino graphics can be displayed alongside the minimum and maximum bets, side bet and jackpot amounts, and top win announcements.

The popular Golden Ball Roulette game is one of the options available for the Universal Cabinet. Using the Universal Cabinet Vertical Roulette as a base to introduce a new product to the players, a beautiful redesign was done to match the overall look with other Golden Ball products. Features include special lights that announce the golden ball event.

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