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Tangam Rolls Out its New Slot Product, SODA

SODA helps casino operators turn data into actionable results, improving the bottom-line and guest experience.

Tangam Rolls Out its New Slot Product, SODA

Maulin Gandhi, President of Tangam Systems, discusses how their newest Slot Optimization & Data Analytics (SODA) software benefits casino operators, and why Tangam is an invaluable partner for operational success. Tangam’s business intelligence products are currently used to optimize gaming revenues across 85 properties globally resulting in higher profits and a better experience for the patrons.


Tell us about your newest product, SODA, for slot optimization.

After launching our flagship TYM software, (Table Games Yield Management), it wasn’t long before our customers—having experienced our unique approach and tangible benefits—started asking us for a similar solution for their slots. It is a natural extension of our products because tables are only one piece of the puzzle on the gaming floor. Our commitment to our partners has always been to deliver a software solution that provides answers, improves financial performance, and is easy to use—especially for non-technical staff.

Our gaming optimization solutions are the result of that commitment. We have successfully delivered results with TYM for table games, and now with SODA for slot machines. It is our newest software that delivers actionable and data-driven insights for operators. The SODA software generates recommendations, and the expected profit lift from each recommendation. These are based on the financial performance, operational performance, location analytics, and more importantly, player behavior, which has always been the missing link in slot performance analysis.

SODA is about so much more than data. It’s about making it far easier to turn that data into greater results and ROI.

Tell us about the business benefits and why should operators care?

One answer comes from our customer, Jeff Hamilton, President and General Manager of Mohegan Sun: “Reporting alone doesn’t provide answers. We chose SODA for its highly differentiated offering that provides a clear set of actionable recommendations, which maximize gaming performance and the guest experience.”

Another customer, Sierra Weyer, Director of Enterprise Analytics at Sycuan raves “During our initial trial, it was amazing to see how quickly we were able to get to the answers in our data through the lens of SODA. This truly made analytics available to anyone—with intelligent recommendations, intuitive visualizations, and seamless drill-downs.“

SODA doesn’t just gather critical information; it makes it easy to turn that data into actionable, profitable results by recommending what machines to make changes to.

While gathering data is critical to making the right operational and financial decisions, casino operators can be overwhelmed by the amount of data collected and the ability to analyze it. It can be difficult to understand the key business drivers when trying to infer player behavior. SODA automatically does all the heavy lifting on the operational, financial, and usage behavior data to deliver the insights to help make improvements on the floor. It eliminates the guesswork and reliance on ‘gut feeling’ by providing visibility into the areas of the floor customers need to fully understand and focus on. And, just as importantly, it helps them build a plan of action.

SODA is more than a software solution; it provides a path forward along with an entire support team of casino operators and data scientists behind it. SODA is a partner in our clients’ success.

What differentiates SODA?

One of the biggest differentiators is going back to our commitment to our partners. Our goal is to drive tangible performance gains. And we have taken this element into every aspect of the product design and delivery.

Reporting can be one-dimensional and only take you so far.

SODA recommendations are actionable, quantified, and transparent. It’s not a black box, but a glass box that explains in simple terms why a certain action needs to be taken and what that expected lift is. SODA’s state-of-the-art floor heat-mapping solution makes it clear why the decision needs to be made, which is the primary catalyst for senior management to act on the suggested changes.

And finally, SODA provides an unbiased view into the changes already made by the floor staff, how well they worked, and what the actual profit lift was.

SODA empowers operators with the ability to make the right decisions to improve their bottom-line and guest experience. Combined with our industry-renowned business support for our products, it’s a no-brainer for operators who are looking to get the most out of their gaming floor.

Of course, explaining how SODA works can’t do it justice. The software must be seen and experienced to truly understand how remarkable it is. Once operators witness it in action, it’s an ‘aha’ moment for them. 

Who are your current SODA clients and what results are they seeing?

SODA is currently deployed at several marquee clients including Mohegan Sun and Sycuan Casino Resort which we recently announced. We’re currently optimizing 15K+ machines globally and rapidly expanding.

The key result is an improvement in operating performance of the gaming floor. And the reason our tools enable this is the dramatic improvement in productivity for the operations and analytics team, combined with the transparency and visibility that decreases the decision lag.

What used to take weeks can now be done in seconds. Instead of manually analyzing static reports or crunching data, operators start with the answers that SODA provides. They spend more time evaluating the opportunities through intuitive visualizations and heat maps.

In turn, this reduces the decision lag that it previously used to take operators, and they are able to prioritize the changes that would drive the biggest impact to the operating performance.

The end outcome is a more optimal floor for the guests which is always the highest priority for operations.

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