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Proactive Service Recovery

PRODUCT: Zingle MANUFACTURER: Zingle by Medallia

Proactive Service Recovery

In the age of experience, service is more important than ever. Casinos work around the clock to maintain and improve the service they provide to keep guests engaged, on property and spending money. But a recent consumer research study found that only 25 percent of hotel guests report all issues that impact their experience, meaning three out of four guests do not.

How can operators fix what they don’t know is broken? In an integrated casino resort, with multiple retail outlets, meeting space, spa and more, mistakes are bound to happen. But they don’t have to be fatal.

By leveraging Zingle’s intelligent messaging platform, casinos can blend high tech with high touch to better identify, respond to and recover from issues in real time, while guests are still on property. Otherwise, you may not find out there’s a problem until you see a negative online review and the customer is lost for life.

Zingle’s platform enables casino operators to proactively engage, support and respond to customers in more meaningful and impactful ways. It combines artificial intelligence and machine learning with workflow automation and mobile messaging to empower casinos to deliver exceptional customer experiences in real time.

Operators can boost engagement and increase guest satisfaction by having real conversations with customers throughout their entire stay on the channels they prefer. Staff efficiency is increased by managing multiple conversations at once and streamlining operations by automating responses and workflows through AI and intent recognition.

Ancillary and upsell revenue can be increased with relevant and personalized offers targeting specific guest segments at the right time. Better investment and staffing decisions come from conversational analytics that provide insights into trending topics, guest engagement and staff responsiveness.

Zingle’s platform seamlessly integrates with other systems and is simple for staff to use. An intuitive dashboard and inbox consolidates messages across all the messaging channels customers use and makes response easy with customizable templates, automations and AI.

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