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Prism VXP

Incredible Technologies • Booth 4047

Prism VXP

Incredible Technologies (IT) is ushering in the next generation of Incredible innovation with the launch of its new platform and core cabinet, Prism VXP.

Prism VXP redefines the expectations of core gaming because the technology and design utilized, both inside and out, are undeniably premium.

Prism VXP integrates three displays into the game. Primary game play takes place on a 27-inch 4K display, featuring edge-to-edge graphics at eye level for maximum comfort. Just below sits the giant 18-inch PrismDeck, which extends game play beyond the main display, right to the players’ fingertips, and showcases a wide variety of bets and denominations. The 55-inch 4K VXP display is located behind the primary screen, providing a stunning and interactive backdrop—with a show-stopping twist.

VXP stands for “vertical expansion.” In an unprecedented move, the VXP display utilizes a commercial-grade motor to physically expand upward, extending game play over 13 inches. As the first core cabinet in the industry to utilize physical movement integrated with game play, Prism VXP could stand alone on this element.

But IT remains “all about the game,” and as with all its core products, Prism VXP will launch with multiple proven game families and a commitment to theme development, ensuring a robust catalog for years to come.

Prism VXP features an integrated game stand and can be paired with the new PrismFlex Edge. The PrismFlex Edge features a slim 4K video display and an integrated curved pedestal to create space between games in a dynamic fashion. The PrismFlex Edges also utilize new PrismFlex Technology, providing 105 degrees of movement and allowing for a near-infinite number of bank configurations.

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