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Powerball Super Bank

Scientific Games

Powerball Super Bank

This is a unique video slot series themed around the famous multi-state Powerball lottery. Bonus features revolve around the air-propelled white balls released into the chamber on TV lottery drawings. The inaugural games in the series are Powerball Super Bank Cash Star and Powerball Super Bank Country Gold.

The base games are five-reel video slots available in configurations of 10, 40 or 50 paylines, on either the TwinStar J43 curved portrait cabinet or the large-format TwinStar Wave XL.

Both games are centered on three separate bonus events with sequences that mimic lottery ball draws.

A red lottery ball on the fifth reel triggers the Bonus Draw Feature. An image of a lottery draw machine appears, and draws a ball to award a credit prize ranging from five to 500 times the total bet, or one of four jackpots—static prizes $20 (Mini) or $50 (Major), or progressives resetting at $500 (Major) and $15,000 (Mega).

If the draw was awarded from the base game, then each time 10 free games are awarded, a bonus of two times the total bet will also be awarded. If a Major or Mega jackpot is awarded, the value displayed in the corresponding meter is awarded.

When free games are awarded through the Bonus Draw Feature, during each of 10 free game spins, a white ball may land on reels 1-4 and display a credit prize of up to 3,750 times the bet, one of the jackpots, another Bonus Draw, or the Powerball Super Bank. The free game feature includes a “Super Bank” tube that is independent from the one in the base game.

Any white ball landing on reels 1-4 displaying one of the prizes triggers the main Powerball feature. If a red Powerball appears on reel 5, the awards displayed on the white balls on the grid are awarded. If a red Powerball does not appear on reel 5, the white balls on the grid are sucked into the Super Bank tube, beginning with the leftmost reel. An animated ball-draw sequence ensues that can result in multiple jackpots, multipliers and credit awards.

Manufacturer: Scientific Games
Platform: TwinStar J43, TwinStar Wave XL
Format: Five-reel, 10-, 40- or 50-line video slot
Denomination: .01 to 1.00
Max Bet: 75, 300, 600
Top Award: Progressive; $15,000 reset
Hit Frequency: 36.61%
Theoretical Hold: 6.05%-15.5%

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