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Lights, Camera, Gaming!

Marshall Adair, Vice President & Executive Producer, Digital/Online, Everi Holdings Inc.

Lights, Camera, Gaming!

As vice president of digital and interactive at Everi, Marshall Adair is leading the creation of new digital content for an expanding online gaming market. Adair began his career in film, where he was introduced to gamifying concepts through animated film production. In 2009, he transitioned from film to game production and spent the next five years producing video game and social mobile game titles before transitioning to casino gaming.

In 2014, Adair joined Everi Holdings as a producer. Initially focused on land-based games, Adair noticed that Everi lacked a robust online game offering. Having produced more than 10 social mobile gaming titles prior to entering the casino gaming industry, Adair felt digital game production could be a niche area for him to broaden Everi’s digital footprint. So in 2017, Adair embarked on his most impactful career challenge: creating Everi’s digital division.

In the early days of Everi’s digital division, Adair and his team served as both teachers and creators. “We were teaching the digital infrastructure and how to evaluate the products while also creating them.”

With talent requirements and success criteria vastly different from traditional land-based games, Adair relied on thought leaders and his network outside the gaming industry to find best practices, and recommends that other emerging leaders look beyond the industry for inspiration and ways to innovate.

Adair views the increasing conversation around iGaming and the changing work environment due to Covid-19 as an opportunity for young leaders.

“iGaming is leading to a new group of leaders at land-based operators, and remote work is challenging the traditional leadership model. Emerging leaders can benefit in two ways: recognizing the advantage they have by being comfortable with all things digital; and encouraging non-leaders who may not fit the ‘traditional’ leadership mold to speak up.”

Looking to the future, Adair is excited to see the types of leaders and organizations that rise to the top, as well as the data generated from this unprecedented time.

While ambitiously engaged in his career, Adair enjoys spending time with family, especially introducing his young son to games and modeling.

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