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Handheld Gaming Anywhere

PRODUCT: eDeck portable gaming deviceMANUFACTURER: Cantor Gaming Corp.

Handheld Gaming Anywhere

If you are in a casino, sooner or later you are going to leave the gaming floor, whether it’s to have a meal, sit by the pool, or watch a sporting event. Cantor Gaming’s new eDeck portable gaming devices allow players to take games anywhere on the property. Cantor refers to this as playing in “the e-Lounge,” sort of a virtual gaming environment.
The device was given its first public testing this summer in the Venetian’s high-limit salon. Wifi-enabled, the eDeck allows players to play what they want, when they want and where they want, even in the casino hotel room (where legal).
Cantor provides one-stop shopping for the casino, allowing properties to turn under-used casino space into a more productive, revenue-generating space. Players can access many kinds of games at one location.
“Backbetting” lets patrons bet on live games going on in other areas of the casino, and Cantor Financial Odds lets players wager on financial markets around the world. Cantor Financial Odds allows patrons to be on any financial market fluctuation from five-minute intervals to days and weeks. They can play the market without buying stocks or bonds.
The hand-held device connects patrons to any sporting event. With real-time wagering throughout the game, patrons can immediately bet a hunch. And, probably the most attractive option for players-they won’t need to wait in line to place their bets. This is also good for the casino because it means that no one will be left out because they didn’t get in line fast enough to place their bet.
The eDeck devices are customer-branded for individual properties, becoming, in a sense, a “traveling mobile billboard.” The property’s branding remains prominently displayed.
The eDeck offers traditional games such as slots, blackjack, baccarat, video poker, and either European or American roulette, but also unique games that can only be played on the mobile device, such as StatJack (i.e. “Statistical Blackjack,” a game that actually encourages card counting), Bonus Roulette and ExtraOdds Baccarat as well as slots.
For more information, call Cantor at 702-677-3800, or visit the company’s website at

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