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Graphics Power

PRODUCT: EGL7100 MANUFACTURER: EFCO Technology Corporation

Graphics Power

The slot machine remains the most popular and iconic game for casinos today, having greatly evolved from the “one-armed bandit” to employing interactive elements and varied video graphics. Modern slot machines employ highly reliable embedded technology, or gaming logic boxes, that offer rich user-experience features in a game developer-friendly platform.

EFCO will be demonstrating its most advanced gaming logic computer solution, EGL7100, at ICE 2020. With support for up to six displays, and up to 8K of output, developers can unleash their imaginations in designing new games and experiences. And, because EFCO’s gaming logic computers are easily upgradable, it allows designers to begin implementing the latest technology immediately.

Based on the Intel 8/9th generation of the Intel Core-i, Pentium and Celeron processor families, the EGL7100 supports complete gaming features including SecuBoot, RootSecu, GPIO, NVM and intrusion detection to fulfill a variety of security needs. In addition, LED lighting comes standard with all EFCO gaming logic computers. The extremely flexible use pattern can be operated independently of the game, allowing designers to reimagine this feature.

EGL7100 offers standard support for up to 4x 4K displays when paired with an external, industrial-grade Nvidia graphics card, or 6x 4K with AMD graphics card. It easily connects with other peripherals via the 6x serial ports, 8x USB ports and two Ethernet ports.

Other features include support for PCIe high-speed NVRAM with virtual boost technology to accelerate access rate. Add-on PCIe Gen III 16x graphics card, modular I/O design with plenty of GPIO, and over 25k hours MTBF at 50 degrees centigrade at 65W CPU plus 100W GPU. Lifetime support until 2031 is included.

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