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From the Mountaintops

Julia Boguslawski, Chief Marketing Officer, AGS

From the Mountaintops

In 2015, Julia Boguslawski became chief marketing officer and investor relations vice president at a “small, scrappy company” then known as American Gaming Systems.

“At the time,” she recalls, “we had two to three slot cabinets and one table game; we didn’t even have interactive. The plan was, through (acquisitions and investments in R&D), to take a smaller company and just grow, grow, grow.”

Today, Boguslawski heads up marketing at a more established, competitive, but still-scrappy supplier known as AGS. The company has posted considerable growth under David Lopez, president and CEO since 2014. The company went public in 2018.

“In under 10 years, we’ve gotten into so many different product categories and form factors,” says Boguslawski. “We’re now on the leaderboard for interactive and offer over 30 table products, including the industry’s best progressive systems.

“In just a few years’ time, we’ve doubled our slot game content output and are in a position to consistently introduce a new cabinet each year. Our latest accomplishment, the Spectra cabinet, has led the Eilers charts nearly every month since its release. Our team has grown from 350 people when I started to over 900 team members worldwide.”

While AGS isn’t one of the biggest names in the space, “we’re very close to the big leagues,” the executive says. “Customers know they can use AGS products to almost outfit their whole floor.”

Boguslawski began her career in hospitality and travel, as a financial analyst. She then moved to investor relations; marketing was “a logical next step.” Her job is to “elevate and promote our people, our products and our culture: here’s our vision, here’s who we want to be, here’s what we’re focusing on.”

For all its rapid growth, AGS is protective of its roots in Class II tribal gaming. “When David came on board, he was ready for change, but in a responsible and thoughtful manner that would keep us growing in Class II while opening up the business to Class III,” says Boguslawski. “He won’t let us get ahead of our skis.”

Since 2016, AGS has become well-known for its popular GameOn conference. The three-day confab is a deep dive into trends in and out of gaming, such as artificial intelligence, data analytics and evolving casino games. As architect of the series, Boguslawski says, “our goal is to be the TED of gaming.”

She says 2024 “is really positioned to be a big year” for AGS.

“We talk a lot about market resonance, brand extensions and continued portfolio expansion. We’re still pushing the message to customers, Wall Street and the industry that AGS today isn’t like the AGS of even three or four years ago.”

Motherhood keeps this Orlando, Florida native upbeat; it’s an attitude that’s just as important in the workplace. “If your energy is negative at home, the whole house changes,” says the mom of four. “I go to work saying, ‘Hey, it’s a great day, great things are going to happen.’”

She attributes AGS’ success to the boss, the team and the company’s candid, collegial atmosphere, in which everyone has the CEO’s ear, and every voice counts. For her personal success, Boguslawski credits resilience. “Life, career, parenting, friendships, relationships, are all going to throw you curveballs. If you’re resilient, you can keep moving forward.”

Moving into the new year, “I love being small and scrappy, figuring out how to grow in the smartest way possible, to ensure that we’re going to be here tomorrow, the next day and the day after.

“We’ve had a great opportunity to really shout from the mountaintops what we have to offer, what our competitive strengths are, and why people should do business with us. And that’s a really fun place to be.”

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