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Acres Manufacturing Company


Acres Manufacturing Company’s Foundation casino management system delivers instantaneous, real-time data from every player interaction on a casino floor.

Real-time data that the operator owns and controls is something current casino management systems can’t even dream of. Foundation reports any SAS meter change in real time, giving casinos over 1,000 times more data than has ever been collected before. These metrics will reveal what really influences spend and loyalty decisions.

Foundation can change the credit meter on any game through the AFT transaction function in the SAS protocol, permitting real-time bonusing. A real-time transaction engine called “The Blender” contains real-time events from every machine in the casino and can also process events from multiple external data sources. Specific events such as a football, baseball or basketball game, or the weather report, can trigger a bonus to a player in real time with the ability to the change the credit meter on any slot machine at any moment—bonusing players based on their real-time play and a real-time event.

Foundation is the quickest and easiest path to cashless gaming for virtually any casino. Foundation enables players to intuitively fund slots and tables via their mobile devices. Casinos can easily interface non-gaming payment terminals, allowing a single-wallet solution across the entire operation. Layered with real-time data and bonusing capability, Foundation causes the mobile device to become an integral component of the player experience.

Foundation enables a massive capability upgrade, allowing casinos to authorize any application, from any vendor, without the risk or inconvenience of losing existing functionality. Foundation is easy to install in about two minutes per game, and connects directly to the slot machine while able to reproduce SAS port access for the legacy system. This means all data still flows into the legacy system environment, which retains all abilities, including implementation of points, bonuses, etc.

Foundation is designed to reinvigorate a gaming industry currently incapable of meeting modern consumer demands.

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