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Flexible Currency


Flexible Currency

JCM Global’s FUZION system continues to catch the eye of operators worldwide. Its multiple applications provide operators with business solutions that benefit numerous areas of the casino and provides information that is not available with any other system.

One such functionality is FUZION’s multi-currency processing capabilities. For gaming areas where more than one currency is present—such as Asia and border gaming destinations in other parts of the world—FUZION provides the answer to a long-time challenge.

FUZION allows operators to seamlessly accept multiple currencies at the EGM, ETG or redemption kiosk. In Asia, FUZION’s multi-currency module allows operators to accept JPY, MOP, CNY, and other currencies while converting their value into the property’s main currency, such as HKD.

Working in partnership with the casino’s back-end system, FUZION can calculate real-time currency exchange rates and associated fees to allow for quick and accurate acceptance and processing of all associated currencies.

GLI-certified, FUZION is an award-winning breakthrough in total casino peripheral management. FUZION continually monitors every peripheral device in each EGM in real time to help keep the casino running at peak efficiency and guard against suspicious activity. With FUZION, finance and security can finally track asset to transaction with available high-resolution images of each note or ticket inserted into the EGM.

FUZION increases uptime and revenues with its dynamic real-time monitoring of iVIZION and GEN5. This allows FUZION to proactively notify the operator for predictive e-drops and TITO ticket fills, instead of operators acting responsively to an EGM out-of-service notification.

Driven by FUZION technology, JCM solutions are involved in every aspect of the casino: audit, count room, entertainment, F&B, marketing, race and sports, security, slot operations, surveillance, table games.

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