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AGEM Member Profile

CS-1 Transportation Inc.

AGEM Member Profile

CS-1 Transportation Inc. is a recognized logistics provider with demonstrated capabilities in the gaming industry. The corporate headquarters resides in Burlington, Ontario (Toronto) with the U.S. Operations Office in Phoenix, Arizona supporting numerous sales offices across the U.S., including Las Vegas. The Las Vegas office focuses on the compliant movement of games from manufacturers across the U.S. and Canada to primarily casinos in sealed air ride trucks of various sizes.

In addition, CS-1 gathers attention from gaming manufacturers by reliably supporting their supply chain and keeping production lines on schedule. The company provides truckload, less-than-truckload, and temp sensitive shipping options to customers across North America.

Communications and technology are key components to the success of all shipments. Trucks are monitored via satellite or Macropoint by the CS-1 staff. All shipments are tracked 24/7/365 to confirm location and timely delivery. Updates on pickup, progress and final delivery are shared with accounts throughout the transport process. This is extremely important on compliant game deliveries to casinos that require coordination with officials, technicians and casino representatives.

CS-1 stands for “Customer Service First,” and that is accomplished by following the guiding principles of the company by talented employees with the goal of totally satisfying all CS-1 customers, and their customers. These guiding principles include:

  • Customers’ interests always come first.
  • Truth and honesty are the core of our business practices.
  • We stress creativity and imagination.
  • Teamwork is crucial.
  • We are constantly adapting.

Adhering to these principals has led to several awards in the marketplace, including being named to “Canada’s Fastest Growing Companies Hot 500 for Growth/Profit” in each of the last four years.

CS-1 has been an Associate Member of AGEM since 2019. AGEM has been an asset to the company by keeping CS-1 current on trends that drive gaming logistics issues. CS-1 is also highly active in the industry, attending numerous gaming trade shows in the U.S. and Canada and most recently participating in webinars presented by tribal entities and other industry leaders.

Learn more about CS-1 Transportation Inc. by visiting the company’s website at or contact Jeff Sulick at or by phone at 602-999-9550.