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Touchless Valet

PRODUCT: Valet for Me MANUFACTURER: Refinatrix LLC

Touchless Valet

New technology to keep operators’ employees and customers safe upon reopening during the Covid-19 pandemic now extends to the valet parking area.

Valet for Me is a complete touchless valet management solution. No more dealing with paper tickets, plastic tags, or community kiosks. It has been designed from the ground up to work safely and seamlessly for business owners, valet attendants and drivers.

Drivers have the option of downloading the Valet for Me app on the App Store or Google Play. Doing so allows drivers to create vehicle and bag valet tickets prior to their arrival. Once created, drivers can see the status of their tickets in real time. Tickets move from “Open” to “Parked” to “Requested” to “Closed.”

Drivers can request their cars in-app so their car is waiting for them at the valet—this reduces the need to wait at the valet station.

Drivers with the app can also pay for their valet tickets through PayPal, Venmo, or Zell Pay (depending on which payment methods the valet accepts). They can also tip their valet using the same payment methods that have been set up by the valet.

Drivers who do not want to download the app can easily create their tickets in seconds on the company’s website,, which will them a text message with their ticket number. They can then reply to the text to request their vehicle or bags before heading to the valet station. Drivers who not want to either download an app or go to the website can request that the valet attendant generate a ticket for them.

For operators, valets have the full power right at their fingertips to carry out all of the functions they need on a daily basis. These include things like managing parking spots, ticket status, vehicle damages, VIP status, and more. Additionally, business owners can track metrics regarding their valet business in the metrics dashboard.

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