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Secure Return

PRODUCT: Thermal Detection Solutions MANUFACTURER: Pro-Tek Ltd.

Secure Return

The world has changed significantly as a result of the 2020 pandemic. People are now more concerned than ever about their health, and how to protect themselves. As the economy reopens, and people start to venture out in public, they will be looking for peace of mind. If the public feels less threatened in certain areas, they will be more apt to go and enjoy themselves. One way to ensure that the public has this sense of security is to screen people before they enter social gatherings.

There are two main issues when attempting to screen larger numbers of people, the speed and accuracy of the screening process. If the process isn’t efficient, it will deter people from entering the property, and if it isn’t accurate there is a complete false sense of security. Pro-Tek Ltd. has thermal detection solutions that fit both needs.

The Eye Pod is a small stand-alone device that allows operators to check each customer as they enter a premise. It is a small stand, designed to screen people in low-traffic areas where metal detection is not necessary. It either gives an audible or visual alarm, or both, on the device itself. It is typically installed on a pole at the entrance, where a host or security person is available to monitor the traffic.

The Eye Pod also can optionally attach to the network to provide facial recognition capabilities. The Eye Pod Facial can interface to the time-tracking system or provide alerts when VIPs or blacklisted people are recognized.

The walk-through thermal gate combines metal detection and thermal imaging into a single-entry gate allowing quick and efficient screening for both metal and abnormal temperatures. The thermal gate comes in two option—stand-alone or networked. The main difference between the options is the inclusion of the server, which will provide DVR capabilities so operators can check earlier footage.

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