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Quick Shuffle

Product: DeckMate 2Manufacturer: Bally Technologies

Quick Shuffle

The DeckMate 2, the latest automated shuffler from Bally Technologies, is designed to provide poker rooms with enhanced speed, improved performance, and security while protecting game integrity. The incredibly fast shuffle time will appeal to players who enjoy a faster-paced game of poker.

Debuting in 2002, the DeckMate poker shuffler has been a staple in the poker market and one of the best-selling shufflers of all time. At 22 seconds, the DeckMate 2’s shuffle time is twice as fast as the original, and the unit features optical card recognition.

The optical card recognition will provide peace of mind to both operators and players by verifying that not only the correct amount of cards are in the deck, but also that each individual card is accounted for.

Operators will see cost savings on cards due to the DeckMate 2’s new shuffling method, which allows a deck to be used longer than a typical shuffler. Game speed will increase with the on-board timer, which will provide operators the option to set time limits on how long a player is allowed to play a hand. The touch-screen display will provide optical proof of card verification.

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