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Jeopardy! Megatower


Jeopardy! Megatower

IGT reprises another classic game show slot—the series based on the famous trivia game show Jeopardy!—on its 11-foot-tall Megatower Universal cabinet, which a few years ago was used to reprise an even bigger game-show slot, Wheel of Fortune.

This game, like Wheel of Fortune, is a classic three-reel, high-denomination stepper, enhanced with Megatower’s giant 6.5-inch reels and 50-inch video monitor, which features a bonus event taken directly from the famous blue answer board on the TV show, complete with question categories at the top.

Megatower games also feature dual bash buttons to promote play by couples.

The base game is the classic Triple Double Diamond multiplying-wild symbol slot, in a nine-line configuration. A multi-level bonus feature mimics the session levels on the show, such as Double Jeopardy!, Final Jeopardy!, and Daily Double rewards.

The Jeopardy! Bonus round is triggered when three bonus symbols appear on a payline, triggering five free spins. If three bonus symbols land on a payline during the free spins, the player advances to Double Jeopardy! Once the player runs out of free spins in either Jeopardy! or Double Jeopardy!, the game advances to Final Jeopardy!—where players can keep what they’ve won or risk it all with one wager. The Jeopardy! board comes into play, with board spaces opening to reveal credit amounts and jackpot designations—in the dollar denomination, a $100 Mini, a $400 Major, or the top $4,000 Grand jackpot.

In addition to the Megatower, the game is available on IGT’s CrystalDual+ Stepper cabinet.

Manufacturer: IGT
Platform: Megatower Universal, CrystalDual+ Stepper
Format: Three-reel, nine-line stepper
Denomination: .25-100.00
Max Bet: 20
Top Award: 4,000 credits
Hit Frequency: Approximately 30%
Theoretical Hold: 5%-15%