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Incredible Technologies Launches Slot Spacing Solution

Incredible Technologies Launches Slot Spacing Solution

Slot supplier Incredible Technologies (IT) recently announced the launch of the Universal Jumbo Edge (UJE). The latest addition to its hardware lineup is designed to assist casino operators as gaming floors across the nation are reconfigured with new social distancing measures in mind.

The UJE features a combination of two award-winning slot merchandising and signage solutions—the patented mounting technology of the Simple Sign Kit, and the flexible configuration philosophy of the Infinity Edge. The simple design provides maximum flexibility, allowing the UJE to fit within any vendor’s bank configuration on the casino floor.

The UJE is available in two different versions. The “Base UJE” easily mounts onto any existing game base, while the “Cylinder UJE” comes equipped with a unique curved stand that can create any number of new configurations. Both versions can support either a portrait or landscape display and the height and depth of each display can be adjusted for the perfect fit.

As commercial and tribal casinos reopen their doors after Covid-19, many are electing to remove games or reconfigure back-to-back banks to more accessible pod configurations, in an effort to provide socially distanced and safe gaming experiences.

The new spaces these options create can easily be filled with the UJE solution.

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