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In the Masked Age, Operators Examining ‘Gait Analysis’

In the Masked Age, Operators Examining ‘Gait Analysis’

A panel at the virtual Global Gaming Expo Asia Online Conference 2020 examined new security technologies including “gait analysis,” a method of identification that uses body shape and walking gait to identify subjects.

The session, moderated by GGRAsia, was a component of the “Roadmap to Growth” series presented by G2E Asia, about how the casino sector can manage a return to growth after the Covid-19 pandemic.

Panelist Chris Chan, head of cybersecurity research at UDomain, a specialist in data and digital security, presented gait analysis, also known as “gait recognition,” as one of the newest developments in digital security. According to the presentation, authorities in China are already using gait recognition software to identify people even when their faces are hidden from cameras.

Dave Dalleske, vice president of sales for Asia Pacific at Synectics, which already supplies video surveillance equipment to casinos in the region, told the panel that the use of surveillance cameras for detailed analytic purposes, including being able to track an individual throughout a gaming property based on the color of their clothes, is an emerging tool for the gaming industry.

Technology to help monitor the occupancy inside a property is another emerging security tool for casinos, according to the panel. Dalleske said casinos need to monitor occupancy under strict guidelines on how many people are allowed into any given area. “We have seen a lot of developments in this area, and will be keeping close track to see which are the best and which we can potentially partner with,” he said.