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Fast Cashless

PRODUCT: Cashless Wagering Technology MANUFACTURER: FABICash

Fast Cashless

Partnering with casino management system providers, FABICash has developed FABICashless, a fully cashless gaming experience that sends players straight to the game, skipping cage or ATM lines. The FABICashless Mobile Wallet can be funded directly from the player’s bank account, or by a debit/credit/e-check transaction through the FABICash cash access platform.

The player will then transfer the funds onto their game of choice by entering a PIN, and move the winnings back to the wallet just as easily. When a jackpot hits, the attendant will process it electronically at the slot machine, using FABI Mobile Jackpot, which integrates seamlessly with the company’s cashless solutions.

FABICash also offers mobile PIN debit and mobile ACH, allowing customers to buy chips in seconds without leaving their seats—just swipe, dip, or tap, print a drop copy and done. Wi-Fi and LTE connectivity and a lithium-ion battery afford no-fail redundancy.

This cashless solution is secure and PCI-compliant. Operators can protect business and customer information with end-to-end encryption, data tokenization and integrated EMV chip sensors. Casino management will enjoy hassle-free settlement and reporting. According to the company, FABICash is the only cash access provider to settle and report transactions to the gaming day, not the calendar day.

All cashless transactions are integrated into FABITrack for Title 31 tracking, providing the industry’s only true omni-channel cash access, mobile wallet, electronic jackpot and compliance solution that offers savings, operational efficiency, improved gaming experience and safety for team members and guests.

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