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Art of the Brand: Carcamo Shares Marketing Secrets

Art of the Brand: Carcamo Shares Marketing Secrets

A new manual from casino industry expert Julia Carcamo explains how the world’s top gaming brands stand out despite fierce competition.

Reel Marketing—The Art of Building a Casino Brand is a collection of Carcamo’s presentations and writings under the umbrella of what she calls the “Jules Rules of Branding.”

Competition for casino customers is more intense than ever, as marketers look to solidify a customer base for the future. Branding now plays a pivotal role, as casino operators large and small attempt to differentiate themselves, not only from industry competition, but from new entertainment options.

The easy-to-understand Jules Rules will change readers’ views of marketing and help them build a distinct identity that will resonate with employees, customers and stakeholders, and produce real ROI.

Richard Picard, advertising and public-relations manager for Cypress Bayou Casino, said, “All too often, casino marketers get stuck in the weeds of guest valuations, direct mail, reinvestment, entertainment, customer service, leading a team—and the list goes on. They forget the fundamentals of marketing.

“Reel Marketing really forces the reader to stop and think about the purpose of the company’s existence, and use information gleaned to build a solid brand.”

Reel Marketing is available on Amazon in Kindle and paperback formats. Go to

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