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AGEM Member Profile


AGEM Member Profile

AmericanChecked is a nationally accredited global background and drug screening provider within the gaming industry based in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

AmericanChecked’s management team represents 100-plus years in the background screening industry. The company provides a robust menu of background screening products, including comprehensive criminal searches, drug screening, motor vehicle records, fingerprinting, credit history, references, verifications and even licensing history where applicable.

Not all background searches are created equal, and neither are AmericanChecked customers. The firm works with each client to build screening packages that are specific to their needs. Every AmericanChecked customer is a VIP, and the team is 100 percent certified by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)—a customer service-focused staff.

AmericanChecked has several new products that will launch this year, as well as products geared specifically toward the gaming industry and businesses located in Nevada.

  • Nevada fingerprinting for casinos. Soon, AmericanChecked will be a one-stop shop for all background screening needs with the addition of compliant fingerprint search services. The portable Watson Mini is the smallest, most affordable fingerprint setup, and can be placed conveniently at any office/location or taken on the road for job fairs and other events.
  • SuperClark/SuperClark Plus. SuperClark is a premium and expanded search of Clark County, Nevada court records. AmericanChecked’s SuperClark search goes beyond what other screening companies offer by accessing five courts in the most densely populated areas. SuperClark Plus accesses 17 districts, justice and key municipal courts.
  • Social media monitoring. In addition to AmericanChecked’s Social Media Comprehensive and Essentials reports, companies will soon be able to receive ongoing and immediate notification if an employee posts a racially defamatory, sexually explicit, violent or potentially illegal behavior on social media. In today’s ultra-connected times, employees are often seen as ambassadors of their companies. AmericanChecked Social Media Reports as well as its Social Media Monitoring services will ensure that any company’s hard-earned good reputation stays that way.
  • U.S. Tax and Information Search. The U.S. Tax and Information Search is a reliable, cost-effective alternative to the Work Number that provides absolute verification of past employment and salary history by checking against IRS records. This search is available for AGEM members as of October 1, 2020.

For more information, visit or contact Greg Natale at 1-800-975-9876.

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