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About the Why

The principles of Global Gaming Women guide the direction of the organization

About the Why

Global Gaming Women has a strong mission, and our guiding principles of courage, integrity and leadership continue to inspire our board and the women we serve.

As an organization, GGW supports the development of women at all levels throughout the industry. We actively create opportunities for women from all segments of gaming to come together in an effort to enrich their professional and personal lives. However, the “why” we as a GGW board are so passionate about serving women in the gaming industry is worth repeating, and that “why” will be a guiding star as I accept the honor of steering the GGW ship for the next two years.

Research tells us women account for over half the hospitality workforce, yet women hold just 36 percent of management or higher positions in gaming. A 2018 study from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas—Glass Ceilings & Leaky Pipelines: Gender Disparity in the Casino Industry—puts it succinctly:

“Results of this study support a gender leadership gap in gaming. The higher the position, the fewer women there are. When women do lead, they are more likely to be found in traditionally women-dominated departments, like HR, that are generally not perceived as tracks to the boardroom.”

This is not simply an issue of filling seats at a table or creating equity in statistics. Studies dating back as far as 2009 lay out a clear business case for bringing more women into leadership positions in the gaming industry:

“When highly emotional and socially intelligent women fill higher positions, not only may gaming companies perform better, other women in the organization may benefit, as well. Research is beginning to show that when more women fill higher leadership roles, gender discrimination in the workplace and the gender wage gap may be reduced for women further down the organizational ranks.”

Through a wide range of activities, GGW helps to prepare women throughout the industry and at all levels of their careers to take on leadership roles—both by building leadership skills and a sense of empowerment. We are proud to report that there are more than 8,000 members in the GGW network, representing more than 50 companies. Further, GGW awards 300 educational scholarships annually. These networks, scholarships, and our myriad other events all build toward the goal of creating a deeper, wider and stronger talent pool, filled with women eager and ready to tackle the positions and challenges of leadership.

None of this would be possible without the many companies and individuals who support GGW. We are extremely grateful to them for their financial support, which is always coupled with valuable insights and intellectual support.

Now as we broaden our donor structure, bringing more companies and individuals into the fold and on board with our mission and goals, we will ensure we will have the resources necessary to support the development of women at all levels throughout the industry.

Mother Teresa taught us many valuable lessons, and one quote of hers inspires me when I think about leadership. She said, “It is not how much we do, but how much love we put into what we do.” She also taught us, “It is in giving that we receive.”

This is the “why.” As a GGW board, we are passionate about this industry, about the women we serve, and about our mission to help others succeed. We are asking you to join us. For information, visit today.

Christie Eickelman recently began a two-year term as president of Global Gaming Women. She is vice president of global marketing at Gaming Laboratories International (GLI). Eickelman has been blazing a trail for women to follow in the gaming industry since 1992. In 2008, Global Gaming Business magazine named her one of the 25 People to Watch in Gaming. Recently, the Oklahoma Indian Gaming Association honored her contributions to the Indian gaming industry with the 2019 OIGA Modern Day Warrior Award.

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