Millennials want to use coordination, dexterity, knowledge or some kind of skill to influence the outcome of their game, just like they used to do with those video-game consoles that we're still waiting for them to remove from our basements.

Published September 2015

I’ll Have the Elk

According to the Discovery Channel's website, archaeologists exploring a cave on the shores of the Great Salt Lake unearthed "hundreds of carved sticks, hoops, dice and darts dating back to about 700 years ago." They are identifying the site simply as "Cave 1."

Published July 2015

Casino Hoops?

Skill games for the millennial casino player are supposed to test hand-eye coordination and dexterity gained through countless hours of sitting in a bedroom with a joystick and nachos

Published March 2015

Endless Summer

From what I can tell reading comments from all the slot executives, each and every one of these mergers is capable of conjuring up multiple usage of the term "synergy."

Published September 2014

World Cup Madness

The sports fans of the world get really pumped about the World Cup, and they bet millions of dollars, and pounds, and euros, and pesos, and colons on it.

Published July 2014

Fun in Cyberspace

If I'm playing slots or video poker, I like to wave bye-bye to my $20 bills as they go into the slot. It's a sentimental thing. Gambling on the internet is so... virtual.

Published May 2014

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