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A world leader in bingo technology turns its attention to the video slot market in the U.S.



Remember that word. It’s a keyword for Zitro’s slot products. As in Link King, Link Me and Link Shock. The link speaks to a connection with a bank of machines and bonuses.

“Link King, Link Me and Link Shock are consolidating as the most profitable video slots banks in the global market,” says Johnny Ortiz, the founder of the Luxembourg-based gaming company. Find Zitro at booth 4447 at the Global Gaming Expo.

Zitro will go to the big show this year more loaded than ever, with many more new games for its Bryke video slots product line, as well as new video bingo games and an updated game library for online operators.

“In terms of games, we have combined the two biggest trends in the current video slot market into one single product: the multi-way game mechanics and an exciting link bonus, based on players’ favorite Link King games, alongside a lot of other games for different kinds of players,” Ortiz says.

In addition, not one, but two brand new cabinets are being launched at the event: Illusion and Allure.

Illusion includes a massive 43-inch Ultra HD curved monitor and a 21.5-inch LCD topper, along with an improved version of a touch screen technology known as SmartDeck.

The cabinet also contains an extremely powerful Triton processor and a cutting-edge digital sound system with subwoofers that allow a perfect presentation of the impressive graphics and sounds. On Illusion, Zitro will launch the new multi-game Bashiba, with spectacular graphics, Ortiz says, noting that for the first time, a game combines proven multi-way, multi-line mechanics with a dazzling link bonus.

Allure features an ultra-sleek cabinet with three-by-27-inch HD LCDs. The cabinet also features SynchroScreens, in which the upper screens sync up on a bank level, creating a visual spectacle that is comparable to the aesthetics and functionality of cost-intensive overhead signage.

Allure also incorporates the Triton processor. This cabinet serves as home to new multi-games 88 Link Wild Duels, 88 Link Lucky Charm and 88 Link Shock. All games combine multi-way mechanics with stunning link bonuses, promising to keep players fascinated, Ortiz says.

Because they are very slim, Illusion and Allure occupy less space on a casino floor than any other machine on the market, he says.

In terms of hardware, both cabinets provide great comfort for the player, thanks to the ergonomic design, allowing plenty of leg space, as well as the immersive screen and sound system.

Comfort is an aspect which is crucial for a long-term play, and still often left behind, Ortiz adds.

Ortiz founded Zitro in 2007. He made a name for himself as the leading operator of bingo halls in Brazil. He succeeded again as a leader in video bingo, developing a system designed for individual use. “This allows the player to play at his own rhythm, and it also allows the option to incorporate bonus rounds and other features. We still create the feeling of social play with the promotional systems that interconnect all video bingo games in one or several venues,” he says.

The company created BET—electronic bingo—which gives the player the chance to win not only the individual hall prizes but also those from all the interconnected halls, providing greater excitement and bigger and better prizes, Ortiz says.

In 2016, Zitro built on the success of video bingo and introduced Bryke Multi Slots, entering the video slot market. Video bingo may have a similar look to a video slot game from a distance, but the game mechanics and experience are completely different, he says.

“It is true that in some video bingo games we have incorporated certain video slot features, like a reel-spinning bonus, for example,” Ortiz says. “It’s the same way we incorporate features that work in our video bingo games into our slot games. Being the world leader allows us to choose the best of each world.

“This is, for certain, one of the main reasons why Zitro is different from the rest and make our games have this special ‘magic of Zitro,’ as we like to call it.”

Ortiz says Zitro stands out from the competition due to its ability to modernize with the use of cutting-edge technology.

“We were created with the mission to provide the most extraordinary experiences for the players and with the vision to become a global leader in the gaming industry,” Ortiz says.

“Zitro has conquered the global video bingo market, establishing itself as world leader in the segment, and is now on the way with its video slot brand Bryke, having already launched three of the most popular games, Link King, Link Me and Link Shock, and tons of other games.

“Exciting times are ahead of us as Zitro, with a group of incredibly talented individuals, keeps growing and expanding to become a global leader.”

Bill Sokolic is a veteran journalist who has covered gaming and tourism for more than 25 years as a staff writer and freelancer with various publications and wire services. He's also written stories for news, entertainment, features, and business. He co-authored Atlantic City Revisited, a pictorial history of the resort.

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