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Universal Jumbo Edge

Incredible Technologies

Universal Jumbo Edge

Incredible Technologies released the Infinity V55 Edge in 2018, in what the company says has revolutionized the slot merchandising industry. The idea to place customizable, 4K displays between games came from the need and desire to create stunning feature banks while improving player comfort and ultimately improving coin-in performance.

The success of the V55 Edge continues with nationwide performance up to 25 percent higher than standard V55 banks, proving the placing of core cabinets with a premium presence as a successful strategy. All IT learned from the launch and rollout of the V55 Edge came together when the nation and casino industry faced the challenge of a global pandemic and the unprecedented need for social distancing on the slot floor.

The idea and design of the Universal Jumbo Edge (UJE) came together from home offices and over video calls while IT offices were closed for the health and safety of its employees. Cross-functional teams collaborated to address a social distancing issue many casino operators were facing. Rather than remove EGMs or mark them as out of service, the UJE can seamlessly slide into a vacant position to create a stunning high-resolution slot bank package.

The UJE combines all the elements of innovation from IT’s history of slot merchandising solutions, but the universal design allows it to be used on slot banks made by any manufacturer. The “Base UJE” easily mounts onto existing game bases while the “Cylinder UJE” comes equipped with a unique curved stand that can be used to create any number of new configurations. Commercial media players drive custom video playlists to each 4K display for beautiful property brand integration.

For as long as social distancing is required or considered a best health practice, IT is available to help. The UJE is available as a permanent or temporary solution with flexible financing available. Any slot bank can become safer while looking like a premium, integrated package.

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