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TITA Silver

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TITA Silver

TITA Silver brings the functionality of an ATM and a redemption kiosk to the table. TITA Silver provides three key benefits to operators: increasing transaction options; reducing contact points, fills and lines; and giving operators oversight with live transaction management.

Increasing transaction options: TITA Silver brings players more transaction options directly at the table game. Table games equipped with TITA Silver enable players to buy in with a debit card POS transaction at the table, buy in with a TITO ticket at the table, or convert chips to TITO tickets before leaving the table. Players can use TITO tickets they received from other areas of the casino and can also redeem promotional vouchers. Options to add bulk note bill validation and cashless card transfers are also available.

Reducing contact points, fills and lines: TITA Silver increases touchless transactions by keeping the chips at the table game and reducing the movement of chips around the casino. Fills are reduced because the chips do not need to leave the table. Lines at the casino cage are decreased because the player can convert chips to TITO tickets and cash out a TITO ticket at the redemption kiosk.

Giving operator oversight with live transaction management: Centrally managed with the ART Server package, TITA Silver enables operators to monitor live table game transaction activity with real-time data. Statistical performance dashboards are configurable and give operators an abundance of easy-to-read data. Financial reporting enables reduced fills and drops at the table games and audit capabilities for the contents inside the drop box. TITA Silver is also integrated with more than 60 systems, and has remote configuration and remote software update capabilities, all of which give operators greater control and increased efficiencies.

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