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The Price Is Right-Cliffhangers

The Price Is Right-Cliffhangers

The Price is Right Cliff Hanger Multi Player

IGT reprises an older title in its latest technology with this game, based on the TV game show The Price Is Right.

The slot’s theme is centered on one of the price games from the television series, called “Cliff Hangers.” The slot game replicates the game show gimmick in a huge display-depicting an alpine hiker ascending a mountain-in front of three individual machines. Each player sits at his own independent slot game, and the display serves as a common device for each player’s bonus events.

The base game is a rare three-reel video slot, with two, three or five paylines. The top jackpot is a “MegaJackpots” wide-area progressive, resetting at $2,000 in penny versions of the game.

When the bonus trigger symbols land on the reels, the player is given a choice between two bonus events. The main TV-themed “Cliff Hangers Bonus” allows the player to collect credits along the way up the big mountain on the bonus display, while keeping the hiker from walking more than 20 “steps” and falling off the cliff.

When the bonus is initiated, back-lit spots on the big display flash between credit amounts, “Climb” symbols, and “Price Is Right” price tags. The player is prompted to press a “Stop” button on his screen to stop the flashing on one of the results. If it’s a credit amount, that award is banked for the player. A “Climb” symbol sends the hiker up the cliff a random number of steps. The price tag awards five credits. The bonus round continues. Two price tags pay 25; three, 125; four, 1,000 credits.

All of the credit amounts accumulate as the bonus continues. Once the hiker passes the 10th spot on the mountain, the player must decide whether to take his accumulated win or play on. If he plays on and the hiker goes over the cliff, his total award is reduced by half.

Players have the option of choosing a separate “Wheel Bonus” when the triggering symbols land in the base game. (It’s designed for when the main bonus is occupied.) The player presses “Spin the Wheel,” and a video wheel spins to a credit amount. Players have the option of accepting that amount, or risking a second spin, in which the award will be either higher or lower.

Manufacturer: International Game Technology

Platform: AVP

Format: three-reel; multi-line video slot

Denominations: All denominations available

Max Bet: 1-25

Top Award: Progressive; $2,000 reset

Hit Frequency: Approximately 25%

Theoretical Hold: 2%-15%

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