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Table Games Yield Management

Tangam Systems

Table Games Yield Management

Tangam Systems, a global leader in table games optimization, is trusted by some of the largest casinos to maximize profit and improve patron experience for over 7,000 tables in nine countries.

Tangam’s breakthrough software, Table Games Yield Management or TYM, optimizes spread planning, game mix, and dynamic management for table games. TYM is the only software of its kind, and results in improved profitability, highly productive teams, and a better patron experience. It is made up of three main modules: TYM Live, TYM Floor Performance and TYM Planning.

TYM Live turns operational data into real-time operational actions designed to improve profits. It uses casino-wide head count and ratings data in real time, and issues prompts via pit PC or mobile devices to floor staff so they can immediately open or close games, adjust table minimums, and move staff around as player demand fluctuates throughout the day.

TYM Floor Performance provides executives with unparalleled transparency by visualizing over 40 KPIs on the casino’s own floor maps. It can create intuitive reports that generate deeper insights into pricing, game mix and product location strategy directly on the floor map to improve table game mix and table performance.

TYM Planning analyzes historical head count and ratings data along with capacity and labor constraints to produce an actionable plan with the most effective deployment of the resources.

During Covid-19, TYM has become even more crucial for table games operations. Casinos are working with new guidelines such as reduced capacity including less spots at a table. In most instances, more labor is required to service fewer guests to meet these safety requirements. By having the right amount of labor, game mix, table hours and pricing, casinos are actually able to optimize their operations and effectively service demand.

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