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SYNK31 is Konami’s all-in-one Title 31/AML system. Using one seamless login, casino employees can complete all the forms and reports necessary for compliance, including the Multiple Transaction Log (MTL) Form, Negotiable Instrument Log (NIL) Form, Suspicious Activity Incident (SAI) Report Form, Currency Transaction Report (CTR), Know Your Customer (KYC) Reviews, and much more.

All necessary AML information is captured and compiled with near real-time results, leveraging the industry-leading data architecture of Konami Gaming, Inc.’s award-winning Synkros casino management system.

Compared to other AML systems—which often require administrators to compile information from across numerous locations—SYNK31 stores all information for each patron/case in one location for true case management. Information and media associated with each patron or incident is managed and stored in a single spot, allowing administrators to review and audit all case documents together at once.

SYNK31 was specifically developed with a focus on efficiency, speed, connectedness and consistency—all of which are key to enduring property compliance. It is a robust, single location for administrators to gather, track, review and compile all requirements, with comprehensive case management.

SYNK31 delivers near real-time tracking of all patron transactions at the property, allowing operators to identify and respond to incidents as they occur. Konami’s Title 31/AML system provides true case management, empowering operators to seamlessly compile all reporting, time-stamped notes, files documents, screen shots, photos, videos and emails associated with a patron or incident, in one easy package.

The system also alerts permissioned reviewers and supervisors when a CTR or SAR may need to be filed or a KYC review may need to be completed, to ensure all filing requirements are addressed by the employees responsible. In addition, it supports automated upload of IRS and FinCEN forms, for maximum ease and productivity.

SYNK31 stores all data, alerts, attachments and dispositions for a minimum of five years, as a reliable archive for ongoing property reference, review and protection. And when used with Konami’s Synkros, SYNK31 requires no additional server hardware, thereby reducing hardware investment and maintenance.

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