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Standard Practice

GLI establishes i-gaming standards

Standard Practice

Leading gaming testing organization Gaming Laboratories International, through its subsidiary Technical Systems Testing, has released the world’s first global interactive gaming standard. Called “GLI-19,” the standard establishes the first worldwide technical regulatory guidelines for online gaming.

“This is an important day in the gaming industry,” said GLI President and CEO James Maida (l.). “With GLI-19, GLI and TST can now assist new and emerging markets in developing the proper technical controls and regulations to facilitate the markets. Regulators who are contemplating i-gaming regulation will be better able to institute these technical regulations in their new markets, as they are already accepted by the industry.”

GLI-19 is separated into two distinct areas: supplier requirements and operator requirements. This is the first time a GLI standard has been separated.

GLI-19 is available for free, immediate download on GLI’s and TST’s websites at and

“This separation was suggested by the expert team of regulators, suppliers and operators we consulted with on this project, and will help to streamline the industry,” Maida said.

The GLI-19 technical standard is based on an extensive review of several key interactive gaming jurisdictions which have experienced great success in regulating the inherently complex systems associated with i-gaming. It is the culmination of more than a year’s worth of in-depth consultation with i-gaming regulators, software developers and operators from around the world. GLI and TST were the lead organizations in compiling GLI-19, and a consortium of seasoned regulators, suppliers and operators provided valuable assistance in comment and review.

“GLI and TST have spent a significant amount of time working closely with regulators in existing jurisdictions to understand the unique aspects of i-gaming technical regulation,” said Philip Barow, managing director of GLI Europe/TST.

GLI-19 is the first set of common standards for technical regulation of i-gaming markets. It encompasses the best practices in regulated jurisdictions from Europe and Canada, where the majority of i-gaming regulation is currently occurring. GLI-19 is available for free, immediate download on GLI’s and TST’s websites at and

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