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Slot Recommendation Engine


Slot Recommendation Engine

The VizExplorer Slot Recommendation Engine (SRE) provides operators artificial intelligence automated game change recommendations based on the performance of their floor that are also checked against player preference to drive incremental slot revenue and save time.

  • Available in cloud or on-premise starting as low as $500 per month
  • Identify new changes based on patterns and anomalies outside of standard analysis
  • Build custom rules in seconds that automate your own decision-making workflow to point out games that follow specific performance criteria
  • Ensure no game change opportunity slips through the cracks with analysis that runs automatically
  • Act on ROI-driven game change decisions that drive slot revenue improvements
  • Justify the investment on game purchases and conversion decisions
  • Recommendation linking
  • Supports up to 60 properties

The slot changes that each operator generally focuses on will fall within four areas: Add, Remove, Reconfigure (Conversion) or Move. SRE uses AI and rule-based logic defined by the industry standards to automatically produce a call to action for the operator. This takes the legwork out of some of the most frequent analyses that otherwise can take hours or days from a slot operator’s week. Now, that time can be spent strategically thinking about change implementation and other key operational tasks.

What makes SRE different from other solutions in the market is the combination of sophisticated analysis and ease of use. After the tool runs the 37 analyses, it generates a series of recommendations, with each recommendation answering the following questions. (See the sample image.)

Where does the slot operator need to make a change?

How much is the expected ROI for the change?

Why is the recommendation made?

SRE automatically performs revenue generating recommendations based on widely used analytical logic that saves time and effort. The time saved via the automation creates greater capabilities for the operator to mine for new opportunities that otherwise could have been overlooked—thus providing a unique ability to create efficiencies in determining the most effective path forward to improve performance.

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