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Sega Sammy Creation

Sega Sammy Creation increases its U.S. footprint with new hardware and game styles

Sega Sammy Creation

A leader in Asian gaming makes its Global Gaming Expo debut this year.

Sega Sammy Creation Inc., which opened its Las Vegas office in October 2016, has since established a strong customer base in Nevada and is expanding to other parts of the U.S., according to Senior Vice President of Sales Takashi Maekawa.

Sega Sammy built its U.S. presence with the crowd-pleasing Genesis Star slot cabinet, which featured an interactive LED lighting system and a play button with an industry-first vibration system.

This year, the firm launched its next-generation Genesis Crest cabinet. The Genesis Crest offers an even more immersive gaming experience with its ultra-high-definition 4K monitor, 49-inch screen and alluring LED lighting effects. Its expansive game library promises to offer something for every casino patron.

“With this product, we’ve increased our footprint in Nevada and among key operators in Southern California and Florida, and also have seen a large increase in Oklahoma,” says Maekawa. “We will be in the Northern California market in the upcoming months, are currently working on entering Arizona and Arkansas, and will be looking into other markets to expand into.”

Sega Sammy Creation is a unit of Yokohama-based Sega Sammy Group. In Japan, Sega Sammy may be best known for its robust pachislot and pachinko business. But the multi-faceted entertainment giant also develops game software and amusement machines, operates amusement centers, and develops and manages hotels, theme parks and integrated resorts in Japan and South Korea.

Everywhere it operates, the Sega Sammy vision remains the same: To be an innovative leader in the global gaming industry, delivering an uncompromising, exciting and inspiring gaming experience.

“We approach every aspect of our business with an innovative and open mind to provide exciting entertainment and long-lasting relationships.” —Scott Winzeler, President and CEO, Sega Sammy Creation

“Our passion is evident in our superior-quality products,” says President and CEO Scott Winzeler. “We act with integrity to provide a first-class service experience. We approach every aspect of our business with an innovative and open mind to provide exciting entertainment and long-lasting relationships.”

In today’s competitive landscape, gaming clients “are always looking for core proven products, with some room for new and different things,” Maekawa notes. Sega Sammy Creation “aims to provide games to fit both needs, providing stronger core content with our Crest cabinet from our recent experience in the U.S. market, and also providing new and innovative products based on our experience and skills from the arcade and pachislot markets.

“We’re excited not only with the new cabinet but with our vast variety of game content, and look forward to entering new markets in the U.S.”

While Sega Sammy launched its Genesis Crest at a challenging time, during the turbulence of the Covid-19 pandemic, “we have seen promising performance,” says Maekawa. “We are exhibiting at G2E Las Vegas for the first time, and are excited to finally meet and introduce our latest products to everyone in person—our current as well as new customers. We look forward to showcasing the Crest cabinet and the rich variety of games that we have to offer.”

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