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Roll to Win Craps

Aruze Gaming

Roll to Win Craps

Roll to Win Craps, now with additional features, is being placed at casinos across the U.S. Already a hit with players and operators alike, these enhancements continue to bring the best of electronic table game and live table play to players.

The traditional table game of craps has not changed significantly for an exceptionally long time. The myriad issues that existed were seen as inherent to the game itself, impossible to change. By reimagining the table as a modern, interactive object, Roll to Win Craps has solved all these issues. And like all the best innovations, the solutions seem obvious once they’re created.

To help players and dealers feel at home playing Roll to Win Craps, a Dealer Tip function has been incorporated. The Hot Shooter side bet builds on the excitement of a hot series of rolls. All players placing the bet win jackpots together. Hop bets are now even more enticing with the Power Odds feature. Players don’t need to place a separate wager for a chance at these randomly improved odds.

Easy ticket-in/ticket-out and a familiar, intuitive player terminal layout has led to quick adoption of the Roll to Win Craps by all types of players. Aruze reports that rolls per hour have increased on average by 2.5X, highlighting that players have had no issues adapting to virtual chips.

Arriving at a time when there is an increased awareness of the side effects of too many touchpoints, Roll to Win Craps offers easy ways to allow players to socially distance. Virtual chips minimize contacts between the dealer and players for everyone’s safety.

Virtual chip handling provides multiple additional benefits to both the player and casino. With all bets and payouts being automated, the dealer can focus on customer service, stick work and overseeing player actions. Integrated player tracking allows for an accurate rating of players.

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