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Real Cards, Online Poker

PRODUCT: Cut N' Shuffle and Game CheckMANUFACTURER: Gioia Gaming Systems

Real Cards, Online Poker

Research shows that from half to two-thirds of the 5 million online poker players are concerned about “fairness” of the game.  Additional survey data shows that about 30 percent of non-online players would play if they were convinced the game was trustworthy.

With more than 100 million poker players worldwide, that is a significant untapped online gaming market.

Gioia Gaming Systems’ newest gaming product, Cut N’ Shuffle, allows players to play and cut a real deck of cards during online poker rather than rely on random number generators. Gioia’s Game Check product provides technology to allow each game to be audited and verified by an independent third party.

“There is a significant amount of distrust among players when it comes to internet poker,” says Frank Wilde, director of marketing for Gioia Gaming Systems, based in Denver, Colorado. “The gaming market has demanded a method to improve the perception of unfair gaming, and Gioia has responded with a solution that is tangible and verifiable.  As a result, we expect to see a windfall of new online players join in the game.”

Gioia’s product technology offers the following features:

• Internet poker players get an online gaming experience with cards from an actual deck.

• The elimination of inside or outside manipulation or pre-determination of cards and outcomes is assured.

• Players can cut the deck prior to the deal.

• Separate digital and video records are maintained for every deal.

• Poker games can be validated by an independent third party.

• Gaming authorities receive auditable results.

• The game pace is not compromised.

• 32,400 decks are dealt per minute per system.

“Cut N’ Shuffle” scrambles and shuffles the cards, then records a digital file of the shuffled deck by way of a barcode system.  The electronic file is then presented to the players at the table for the option of a cut (a feature not available in other games through RNGs). This helps eliminate the practice of utilizing robotic players.

Following the game, the results are returned to the Gioia Gaming System servers for instant digital verification.  Additionally, players will have the option (for a nominal fee) to request validation of the deal through a recognizable third party using the video record.

Wilde says he thinks an additional byproduct of Gioia’s technology may be its potential impact on legalizing online gaming in the United States.  

“Without the ability to ensure fairness in online gaming, the push to legalize it continues to be threatened. The industry has made strides in addressing key issues such as underage gaming, location and problem gambling, but addressing fairness continues to be a challenge. Gioia’s system is designed to ensure fairness by providing an auditable game result,” he says.

For more information, contact Gioia Gaming Systems at 303-288-6332 or visit the company’s website at You can also email Frank Wilde, director of marketing, at

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