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Cognitec’s highly specialized ready.set.go face recognition technology has a proven track record to support physical security measures by alerting staff in real time about banned persons entering the premises. The technology also analyzes faces to compute anonymous data about people count, age range, gender, and people movement in time and space.

The company has supported various large-scale design and implementation efforts at casino sites worldwide that now successfully prevent losses and criminal activities. In addition, the technology alerts casino staff about self-enrolled problem gamblers and very important customers.

Casinos worldwide pay high fines every year for allowing underage people to gamble. Face recognition technology can perform an initial age check, and notify staff in real time when an underage person is detected. It also sends alerts when individuals overspend their gambling time.

But the software alone won’t produce optimal results. Venues are looking for a cohesive, integrated system that combines hardware, software and services, and that integrates seamlessly into their existing systems and operations.

Types of cameras, their positioning and tuning; high-performance server choice; setting up an optimal network infrastructure; configuration of the solution; funding and deploying the system—all these components play an important part.

Making them work together, and supporting their continuous operation and maintenance, needs a specialist face recognition company with a proven track record in the gaming and entertainment industry.

Security may be the top concern for a casino or club when selecting a face recognition system, but a safe environment for all customers and employees, a profitable business and support from the community will provide true rewards for investing in this leading-edge technology.

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