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Rating the Pit

PRODUCT: BRAVO Pit, MANUFACTURER: Genesis Gaming Solutions

Rating the Pit

Genesis Gaming Solutions has launched BRAVO Pit, a complete table game management and player tracking system designed for more efficient player ratings and pit management utilizing electronic data collection.

The on-table BRAVO Dealer Unit allows for easy data input including dealer log-in, player or guest check-in and check-out, player buy-in, chips-in, marker buy-in and average bet. With the Pit Watch monitor program, the system also enables dealer tracking, supervisor tracking, marketing tracking, shift roll, table fill, table credit, table inventory and table rundown. Through Pit Watch, players are rated electronically and given credit for play immediately.

The patented BRAVO Pit Card and Chip Detection (CCD) System tracks table play using correct hand counts for more accurate player rating and reward calculations. The CCD system comprises technology that features embedded light sensors located under the table felts. These light sensors are designed to read through fabric and can detect where objects such as cards and chips are placed on top of the table felt. When cards are dealt to each betting position or chips are placed in betting spots, the sensors are covered, signaling to the system that a hand is being played at that spot.

Through this technology, exact hand count information is available to dramatically improve player-rating accuracy and correctly measure operational metrics. Dealer speed and efficiency can be easily evaluated and hands-per-hour goals can be set and measured on all game types. In addition, by placing a sensor under any designated betting area, casino management can better track any proposition on a game, enabling more accurate data for cost-benefit analysis of a particular side bet.

The BRAVO Pit system also gives casinos the ability to market to table players the same way they market to slot players. Customers get credit for play regardless of their wager. Comps are justified and reward points are easily tracked.

With the Promotion Watch Software Module, promotions can be set up, tracked and tied into the player tracking history features and drop numbers to analyze the success of each promotion.

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