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PlayOn Gaming Product

ACS PlayOn

PlayOn Gaming Product

Gaming and payments have come together, perhaps never so seamlessly in the gaming industry. Automated Cashless Systems (ACS PlayOn) is truly modernizing the industry with an intuitive solution that puts customer experience at the forefront.

ACS PlayOn has developed a patented system, the PlayOn Gaming Product, which allows casino patrons to access personal funds at a gaming position using their PIN debit card.

The company successfully proved the PlayOn table games version, and has been steadily growing full-production operations since 2016, most notably escalating installations in Nevada with a Nevada gaming license and the PlayOn Gaming Product approval granted. ACS PlayOn also holds a license and/or product approval in California, New Jersey, Wisconsin and 13 tribal jurisdictions, and possesses 12 issued patents and numerous additional patent filings.

The key innovative aspect of PlayOn is the eloquent facilitation of a PIN debit card transaction for chips at a table, allowing players to remain engaged in the game without leaving or handling cash, with a system that comprehensively fits into the casino environment. Players can use any PIN debit card they own, and the casino bears no liability or additional labor issuing chips.

Thus, without signups or waiting for funds transfers, the PlayOn system provides player retention, elimination of cash-handling and Title 31 Cash Transaction Reporting (CTR) at the game, and more hands per hour, resulting in a multi-factored potential for increased revenue through a seamless and secured communication system between the player, casino, gateway, processor, and the banking networks.

To deliver this comprehensive gaming product, meeting and exceeding the latest Nevada gaming technical specifications and regulations, the financial management system component of PlayOn (PlayOn FMS) provides the casino detailed financial data pertaining to all PlayOn transactions, and is available to the casino for real-time accounting, reporting, inquiries and reconciliation.

Also, for security purposes, the PlayOn FMS provides surveillance a simultaneous image of the voucher for each PlayOn transaction. The image captured is stored in the system indefinitely and assists accounting with end-of-day audits.

Not just another payment processing product… PlayOn is differentiated by being a Gaming Product that processes payments.

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