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PlayerGuard UVC Systems

Gaming Arts

PlayerGuard UVC Systems

When the entire gaming industry began its struggle with Covid-19, Gaming Arts began attacking the threat head-on. At a time when virtually all casinos across the globe closed and gaming manufacturers were furloughing and laying off employees, Gaming Arts initiated an intense R&D effort to help the gaming industry make its way back from this and future pandemics.

As the Covid-19 crisis first emerged, part of the Gaming Arts R&D team shifted focus to map out a safer future for gaming machines and gaming equipment. The prime directive is that players and casino staff must be protected from Covid-19 and future viruses. Otherwise, the casino industry could be challenged for years or even decades to come.

The culmination of these R&D efforts has produced PlayerGuard UVC Systems, a revolutionary array of UVC disinfecting and sanitization products and mechanisms specifically engineered for the gaming industry.

The science behind UVC lighting to decontaminate, disinfect and sanitize is quite complex, and well known in the medical and scientific fields, but has never before been applied to gaming equipment. The list of gaming equipment addressed in these efforts includes but is not limited to UVC disinfecting and sanitization of gaming machines, playing cards, gaming chips, dice, shufflers, bill acceptors, card readers, printers, ATMs, and more.

This endeavor includes working with world-class UVC experts around the globe to develop products with the highest level of efficacy and safety. Gaming Arts plans to make its PlayerGuard decontamination and disinfecting technologies available to all operators and manufacturers for the benefit of the entire gaming industry.

One thing is certain: Covid-19 will be with us for at least a year or more and as an absolute, players and staff must be protected and reassured that gaming manufacturers and their favorite casinos are doing everything within their power to protect them. Covid-19 is not the first nor will it be the last pandemic the world faces. We all must be prepared for what the future holds.

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