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Plants vs. Zombies: Gargantuar

Spielo International

Plants vs. Zombies: Gargantuar

This is one of the first games produced under Spielo’s license with social-game provider PopCap. The Plants vs. Zombies series will consist of variations on the funny animated zombies and plants in the popular internet game of the same name.

Plants vs. Zombies: Gargantuar uses the animated undead and plant characters in several random events and triggered bonus sequences in a 30-line video slot. The cabinet is a show in itself, decked out in arcade-style painted images of the game characters with a large vertical top box displaying three progressive jackpots, each corresponding to one of the game’s “flower” characters.

There are two random events that occur during base-game play. In the “Plant and Zombie Scatter,” zombies pop out of gravestone symbols on the reels and are killed by adjacent plants for scatter awards. In “Random Wilds,” a balloon, a pogo stick or “bungee zombies” will pop up and award wild symbols for a spin.

There are three triggered bonus events, activated by the Plants vs. Zombies logo on the first and third reels with a corresponding bonus symbol on the fifth reel. When that occurs, the player is awarded one of three events:

The “Vase Breaker Bonus” is a pick-a-prize feature in which the player picks a vase that will break for various credits and multipliers. In the “Gargantuar Free Spin Bonus,” the “Gargantuar” character—a giant zombie—stomps across the reels during free spins to smash various reels, turning them into wild symbols.

The main “Graveyard Bonus” is based on one of the internet game’s most entertaining sequences. A graveyard appears at one side of the screen, and the player picks stones to reveal credits or suns. The suns count toward one of the three progressives. As the stones are selected, zombies come out and start walking across the screen toward the player’s “house.” The goal is to win one of the progressives before the zombie reaches the house and eats your brains. (The sound effects are hilarious.)

Manufacturer: Spielo International
Platform: Sensys EP
Format: Five-reel, 30-line video slot
Denomination: .01, .02, .05
Max Bet: 250
Top Award: 2,000 times line bet
Hit Frequency: 37.78%-40.55%
Theoretical Hold: 8.88%-14.87%

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