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Phoenix 888 Dragon


Phoenix 888 Dragon

This Chinese-themed game on the AGS Icon cabinet combines two popular AGS game-play features, PowerXStream and Streaming Stacks. PowerXStream is the AGS ways-to-win configuration. There are no paylines; wins are registered through adjacent symbols. In this case, the three-by-five reel array (three symbols on each of five reels) results in 243 possible ways to win on each spin.

Streaming Stacks is a random feature in which one symbol occupies an entire reel. Prior to each spin, a random symbol is selected to appear in a stack each time it lands on a reel. This applies to wild symbols as well as game symbols.

The game and its features are themed around the number “8,” lucky in Chinese culture, with a dragon and a phoenix as the main reel-symbol characters. The main bonus is a free-spin event, triggered by any combination of bonus and wild symbols on the three middle reels. This triggers a one-time bonus award of 88 credits times the bet, and awards eight free spins.

Bonus symbols do not appear in the free-spin event, but wild symbols on the middle three reels trigger an additional eight free games.

The free-spin event also features a multi-tiered bonus feature in which a number of Streaming Stacks is guaranteed. The player begins with a Streaming Stack on one reel, but the number of guaranteed Streaming Stacks on subsequent spins increases with each tier of the bonus event. This allows for potentially large wins from multiple winning combinations on each free spin.

Finally, the game features two “Must Hit By” mystery progressive jackpots. The secondary jackpot resets at $200 and is guaranteed to hit by $500. The top progressive resets at $4,000 and must hit by $5,000. Both “must-hit-by” levels are stated on the display, which injects the possibility of a sort of jackpot fever as the meters approach the top levels.

Manufacturer: AGS
Platform: PowerXStream
Format: Five-reel, 243-ways-to-win video slot
Denomination: .01
Max Bet: 880
Top Award: 500,000
Hit Frequency: 26%
Theoretical Hold: 5%-14%

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