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Paradise Fishing

Aruze Gaming

Paradise Fishing

This groundbreaking Aruze game creates a community-play bonus event utilizing what the manufacturer calls “Reel Feel” technology.

Various base video slots are linked to a networked bank under three giant 60-inch LCD video screens. Each game has various individual free-spin bonus events, but the main bonus is a competitive fishing event played out on the big screen.

The Reel Feel technology is designed to integrate directly into the multimedia and networked Paradise Fishing package games to add a sense of feeling to the gaming experience. The company created an interface that allows players to feel the catch of a fish and the sensation of bringing it in for bonus credits.

When the common bonus is triggered on any of the machines in the bank, each player is directed to grab a joy stick mounted on the button panel, to use as a “fishing rod.” As fish swim by the player’s hook on the big screen and one latches to the hook, the player feels resistance on the joystick that creates the sensation of battling to catch a fish in real fishing.

When the players hook a fish, the players feel the bite and the rod shakes, letting them know a fish has been caught. A bigger fish means a bigger bonus award.

Manufacturer: Aruze Gaming

Platform: G-Link

Format: Five-reel, 50-line video slot

Denomination: .01

Max Bet: 100

Top Award: 100,000 credits

Hit Frequency: Approximately 50%

Theoretical Hold: 10%—12%

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