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Moving Up the Ladder

Oliver Musovski, Special Projects Manager, Ainsworth Game Technology

Moving Up the Ladder

Oliver Musovski had the luxury of not having to look for a job out of college. When he graduated from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, he was hired by Ainsworth Game Technology as an IT intern.

It didn’t take long for Musovski to move up in the company. He already had a computer engineering degree from UNLV, and decided to go back to his alma mater and earned an MBA in information systems and technology commercialization.

He used both degrees to his advantage. Ainsworth had him working on software development. Musovski did that and other IT tasks for five years, but knew he wanted something more.

“I expressed an interest to be more involved in the business,” Musovski says. “I was really interested in some of the higher-level stuff.”

It wasn’t long before his work was being noticed by executives. “I caught the attention of our COO Ryan Comstock, who essentially offered me a role where my scope was pretty broad, and we decided to call it the special projects manager.”

Musovski’s role was exactly what he was looking for with the company. “I started working with a bunch of different departments around the organization from engineering to operations, as well as the game development side,” he says. “I acted as a touch point or the linchpin that coordinated the effort across all the different departments.”

It’s a philosophy that is unique to Ainsworth, and that gives people like Musovski a chance to thrive.

“It opens the door for someone like me to be involved in a lot of things that I probably wouldn’t be involved in, in another organization,” he says. “I get to coordinate and touch a lot of different departments along the way when we’re taking, say, a new cabinet from concept to production. I’ve had the benefit of working with our engineers who are designing it and working with sales, who’s selling it, and operations, who’s got to order all the supplies and build it. You get to see the full scope of the business, which is great.”

In addition to Comstock, there were two other people that have been mentors to Musovski.

“I do believe that there have been some key people that have helped me get to where I’m at today,” he says. “Joe Liu, our director of IT who hired me in the first place. Also, Kim Marie Rebeiro, who’s our chief people officer.”

Musovski says it is possible for others to follow his path and achieve goals they may think are out of reach. “To people starting off as an intern in the IT help desk, I started to get an interest just by talking to people,” Musovski says.

“So, you might have a conversation in the hallway where somebody’s telling you about a game that we’re making, and you just ask some good questions. They give you an answer and you start to formulate different pieces. That’s how you learn about the business.”

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