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Money Wheel

Bally Technologies

Money Wheel

The newest game on Bally’s Alpha 2 Pros Series V22/32 cabinet—it has the tall, vertical 32-inch LCD monitor on top of a horizontal 22-inch game screen—uses the company’s latest technologies, including the iDeck virtual button panel and the “U-Spin” wheel-spinning mechanic.

The base game is a five-reel, 40-line video slot with a 400-credit maximum bet. There are two bonuses, the second won through the first. Three “Wheel Bonus” symbols activate the vertical top screen, which displays a huge wheel from the side, with possible spaces awarding bonuses of five credits to 1,000 credits, multiplied by the total bet.

Other slices on the wheel award any of 15 different free-games bonuses, with various numbers of spins and various different extra features including wild symbols, complete wild reels and a top-jackpot symbol.

When the bonus is triggered, the player places a hand on the vertical screen and launches the wheel spin. The U-Spin feature causes the wheel to spin at a speed correlating to the amount of pressure applied on the spin.

According to the manufacturer, the Money Wheel feature occurs every 65 spins on average, with an average payoff of 26.31 credits times the total bet. The free-games features occur once every 131 spins with an average bonus of 20.4 times the total bet.

The game is presented in a fun, cartoon game-show theme, including LED cabinet lighting and HD surround-sound.

Manufacturer: Bally Technologies
Platform: Alpha 2
Format: Five-reel, 40-line video slot
Denomination: .01—1,000.00
Max Bet: 400
Top Award: 1,000 credits times total bet
Hit Frequency: 40.7%
Theoretical Hold: 3.92%—14.62%

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