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Made for Gaming

Lauren Cordeiro, Executive Director of Products and Services, Light & Wonder

Made for Gaming

Lauren Cordeiro, executive director of products and services for Light & Wonder, started her career trajectory in the gaming industry before she was legally allowed to gamble.

Coming from a family in the entertainment, gaming and payment sectors, she said it was almost inevitable she would gravitate towards an industry that combined all three of those elements. Gaming was something that seemed to be in her blood.

“I was drawn to the industry due to the lively and vibrant atmosphere,” Cordeiro says. “People are attracted to the energy, the excitement of games, the resort experience and the social interaction. I loved that I was going into a dynamic industry where my career was going to be filled with excitement, innovation, and new opportunities to enhance the guest experience.”

Getting into the business as an 18-year-old college student in Nevada, Cordeiro’s first experience in gaming was as an intern. It was an opportunity she says was invaluable.

“My intern experience served as a catalyst, driving me towards a fulfilling career in the gaming industry,” Cordeiro says. “Working with seasoned professionals allowed me to gain insights at a young age. I don’t think I necessarily realized the true impact it had at the time, but looking back, it instilled in me a sense of purpose, equipped me with essential skills, and laid the foundation for my journey in the gaming industry.”

It was a journey that seemed like it was taken in a rocket ship. Cordeiro’s first job was at Gaming Laboratories International (GLI) at the age of 22. Her next stop was at House Advantage, where she moved from product manager to VP of products and services in seven years.

It was a pivotal point in her career.

“I was motivated to excel, and House Advantage became more than just a workplace,” Cordeiro says. “It was a platform for learning and development. Surrounded by talented leaders, I had the privilege of learning from the best. I remain humbled by the trust placed in me and grateful for the opportunities that facilitated my professional journey.”

Now at Light & Wonder, Cordeiro says her career was helped by mentors.

“They’ve offered invaluable support, insights, advice and encouragement, helping me navigate challenges, seize opportunities, and make informed decisions,” she says of her mentors. “Their mentorship went beyond technical skills, encompassing areas such as leadership, communication, and overall professional growth.”

It is something she has been able to do now that she is in a leadership position.

“I look forward to expanding my mentoring role as I strongly believe that mentoring plays a crucial role in fostering growth, development and success,” Cordeiro says.

“Mentoring is valuable in any industry, but it holds particular significance in the gaming industry due to its unique characteristics from the various sectors in the industry, rapid technological advancements, regulatory environments, career advancement, networking, relationship building and leadership development.”