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L&W Debuts Dragon Train Amid Legal Uncertainties

L&W Debuts Dragon Train Amid Legal Uncertainties

Light & Wonder announced the official North American debut of Dragon Train, which has become the company’s fastest-selling game in the Australian market since its launch in 2023. The game is now live and available to play at multiple casinos across the United States.

Dragon Train’s popularity and performance in Australia have set the stage for its highly anticipated entry into the U.S., with players in Nevada, California, Kansas and Minnesota now able to experience the the game.

The theme is launching with four titles: Dragon Train Chi Lin Wins, Dragon Train Khutulun Battle Princess, Dragon Train Sun Shots and Dragon Train Forever Emperor. The company also plans to launch the title online in real-money and social channels.

However, the debut is marked with some uncertainty after Aristocrat Gaming filed suit against rival L&W, claiming that Dragon Train was developed using confidential trade secrets related to Aristocrat’s hit game Dragon Link.

L&W has moved to have the lawsuit dismissed, claiming it is part of a concerted effort to undermine the release of its new titles. “Rather than competing on an even playing field… Aristocrat has contrived baseless legal claims in multiple jurisdictions coinciding with the release of L&W products in an effort to tarnish… product rollouts and drive customers away,” L&W attorneys wrote in the motion to have the case thrown out.

Aristocrat also filed a claim against the game in Australian Federal Court.