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JCM Global

Mobile Payment, Table Games and Count Room Solutions

JCM Global

JCM Global and its partners are the industry leaders in cash management and automation solutions across the entire casino floor, from the cage to the count room.

JCM’s spirit of innovation continues to propel the gaming industry forward, and in Booth 4039 at G2E 2022, JCM will showcase transaction and automation solutions for the modern casino business industry, including mobile payment technology, table game security and the most recent count room solutions from its partner, CPS.

Expanding on the FUZION system’s mobile payment options for both EGM’s and table games, JCM will present its new BLE Mobile I/O contactless technology. BLE Mobile I/O joins JCM’s NFC Mobile I/O button and enables casinos to select the best mobile payment solution for their business and security needs.

Table games will be more secure and efficient with JCM’s new iVERIFY system technology. Using high-resolution cameras and optical recognition technology, iVERIFY tracks and records currency and TITO transactions at live table games by verifying cash buy-in, TITO tickets and tracking the chip inventory in the tray.

JCM also will show CountR’s award-winning TITA table game solution. With TITA, players easily can redeem tickets and other cashless funds for chips, access funds via debit card with the POS and convert winnings into tickets and cashless—all directly at the table.

The JCM booth also will spotlight count room automation solutions populated with products from its partner, CPS, a world leader in count-sort equipment, including CPS’ new XM Range. The XM Range provides flexible fitness sorting with its expandable modular stacker design and three rapid-select speed options. Processing up to 60,000 banknotes per hour, the XM Range has a large feeder capacity of up to 1,000 notes and dynamic pocket allocation to deliver a variety of cash handling processes.

Other featured products in the count room area will be CPS V Series, CPS 7000i, CPS ECM software, the Cassida Zeus and JCM’s own ICB ASAP, an advanced count room solution driven by robotic automation.

Overhead, JCM will showcase a broad range of Digital Signage Solutions, including DDS FLEX, CUBE and VB-DIAMOND.

Discover JCM’s roadmap to the future of gaming at G2E Booth 4039.

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