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IGT Advantage Resort Wallet

International Game Technology

IGT Advantage Resort Wallet

The cashless casino revolution is under way, and IGT is one of the companies leading the charge.

IGT offers three flexible variations of the cashless experience through its Resort Wallet module—an optional, integrated feature of the IGT Advantage casino management system:

“Carded” cashless using a casino-branded loyalty card. Players load cash into a secure digital wallet from either the casino cash desk or any slot machine, and access those funds from any slot machine or table game using the card.

“Cardless” cashless using a digital wallet via a mobile device. When players use IGT’s Resort Wallet feature with any Cardless Connect-enabled gaming machine, their smartphone is transformed into a secure digital wallet. They simply tap their phones to card in, then easily and quickly transfer funds between slot machines and table games on-site, as well as between a casino’s sister properties. Funds in the digital wallet can be redeemed for cash at a kiosk or the casino cash desk, or securely maintained in the wallet for the next play session or property visit.

Cashless with an external funding gateway takes the contactless, mobile experience to the next level by combining Resort Wallet with IGTPay, IGT’s proven payment gateway technology, and the services and support of its experienced payments team. This enables players to securely access funds directly from external sources such as bank and credit card accounts.

While other gaming industry vendors need to procure and integrate their external funding technology with a third-party payment gateway provider, IGT’s in-house payment gateway services are fully integrated. In fact, IGT’s proprietary payment gateway product has been operational in global digital gaming and iLottery markets since 2013. IGT can act as the merchant of record and manage the external funding function from end to end, which lets customers focus on the rest of their operations.

IGT’s payment gateway solution also ensures that after initial setup, players only require a single digital account and login to make funding transactions. IGT is the only gaming supplier offering simple one-step technology that enables players to enjoy a truly effortless cashless experience.

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