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JCM Global’s new ICB ASAP is the biggest technological advancement to come to the count room since JCM first introduced its ICB Intelligent Cash Box system more than a decade ago. ICB ASAP is an acronym for Intelligent Cash Box with Automated Secure Asset Processing. It automates the count room, enhances productivity, reduces human contact, boosts security, improves throughput, and increases reliability.

ICB ASAP is a network of four industrial-grade robots and industry-standard automation equipment that operates in one secure automation unit that meets all robotic safety requirements. The robotic technology manages the unlocking, opening, bank note/TITO ticket removal, closing, and locking of all cash boxes. This allows your existing count team to multitask and increase the number of items processed per hour and to increase the overall efficiency of the count process and reduce the total processing hours.

ICB ASAP makes it easy for security to monitor the bank note/TITO ticket removal process via a real-time or archived video feed while tracking the time and date stamps of when each asset is processed. It can accommodate jurisdictions with two locks and different types of keys, and the cash box key is secured to the first robot during operation and returned to an operator at the end of the shift to be accounted for and secured.

ICB ASAP accommodates JCM’s UBA and iVIZION cash boxes and processes up to 240 cash boxes per hour. This means ICB ASAP processes up to 4,000 bank notes/TITO tickets per minute, almost twice as fast as the highest-speed count/sort machines, meaning count/sort processes can be accomplished significantly faster. Conveyor preloading ability means there is never down time during the normal count process.

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